08/06 -2009 Breclav,Czech Republic. Erika Macernaceroá is soon to become a mother, but the future is uncertain. She is only one of millions Romany in Europe living under severe conditions in the Czech Republic.

Aake Ericson

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Topics of Focus

Social documentary, civil rights, portraits of people in developing countries

Geographic Areas of Focus

Eastern Europe, Africa, the Balkans


Åke Ericson is a professional photojournalist with over 30 years of experience. He has made many long trips abroad for a number of clients including Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. Ericson has had solo exhibitions of his work and and has participated in group exhibitions. He is the recipient of numerous awards including 2008 Press Photographer of the Year in Sweden. He has received other international photography awards as well. Ericson has been internationally published in Stern, the New York Times, Le Observateur, Paris Match and Newsweek. In summer 2010, he studied photojournalism at the New York Times on a scholarship from the National Press Club.