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Join SDN in Campaign in Solidarity with Disappeared Teaches and Students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico

Join with other photographers to make a photographic statement to show your solidarity with family, friends, and colleagues of the disappeared

Open Call! Tlachinollan, Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña, Latinstock Foundation, and Human Rights organizations from Latin America call for an international visual action in solidarity with the community of Ayotzinapa, Mexico.

The visual campaign seeks photographers and groups of Replica Givenchy Handbags students who will create a picture to express worldwide sympathy and support for the missing students and their parents in their struggle to pursue justice and truth for this brutal and unimaginable act of violence against unarmed young students. The photographs will send a message for Truth and Justice to prevail in Mexico.

The students and social organizations of Mexico will receive these images and distribute them around the country, in the social networks and in contact with the Mexican Human Rights Organizations such as Tlachinollan, that represents the families of the victims and other Photography and Human Rights organizations in Mexico. For them, this support is Fendi Replica Handbags essential to strengthen their fight for justice and the respect for Human Rights, a struggle that will gain for them the support of sensible people around the world.

The brutality against a group of 43 rural students of the Teachers Rural School Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa conducted by the Mexican state of Guerrero and its police in collusion with drug lords of that state , mark an elevated level of violence and horror exerted on Mexican people. This requires an immediate action in Mexico and around the world so that the truth is known and Mexicans can move ahead in the implementation of real justice in this case.

World wide support as manifested in this campaign will give moral, public, and powerful support to the seekers of justice and truth in this case.

The images can be sent in low resolution to:

And in high resolution, for possible exhibition in Mexico when the campaign is completed to:

Also, send your images to
We will share them with our members.

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