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En Foco - Minimize the Pain: Digital Workflow Solutions for Photographers

April 3, 2013
Calumet Photographic
22 W. 22nd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)
New York, NY 10010
FREE but advanced registration is required. Please register HERE.

We know you. Your hard drive is filled with picture files, and they've got names like: "_MG_8266.CR2," "DSC_7230.NEF," and "Headshot-Final-Final-Final.jpg." You're overwhelmed by your own pictures and, secretly, you're not totally sure which ones are backed up and which ones aren't. You wonder whether you should be using Bridge, Photoshop, LightRoom, Aperture, Nikon View NX, or Capture One. You're thinking about that new 36megapixel Nikon, but can't decide if it would be the best camera ever, or just a giant storage nightmare.

We understand. We are Jean Miele & Antonio M. Rosario, and we have many of those same feelings. The difference between us and you, however, is that we've developed simple, practical strategies for minimizing the pain, so we can get back to what's important: making pictures.

En Foco has enlisted us to help ease your pain, and we're excited about spending a few hours sharing what we know. Join us for what promises to be a highly interactive and useful seminar. There will be a Q&A session during which we look forward to discussing file renaming, RAIDs & other hard-drives, storage in the "Cloud," Photoshop vs. LightRoom and much more. Let us teach you how to get organized, so you can stop worrying and focus on creating!

This workshop is free of charge with advance registration on En Foco's Event Brite page. Insert this link into you web browser to be directed to En Foco's Event Brite page,

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