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SDN Announces Recipients of Photography Fellowship in Africa (SDN) and Management Sciences for Health (MSH) are pleased to announce the recipients of the Photography Fellowship in Africa. We are also pleased to announce that MSH has chosen to add one more fellow -- a total of four. The geographical scope has also been expanded and may include Haiti as well as Africa.

From a pool of more than 250 applicants, MSH selected the four photographers featured below whom they believe will be most effective in capturing the breadth and impact of their global health work.

Each of the selected four photographers will spend two weeks working with MSH local staff to create compelling images of their lifesaving work with people at all levels of the health system-from the households and families to community-based health workers to the doctors and nurses in the health centers to government officials and ministers of health. MSH sees health as a human right, and works toward universal health coverage through strong health systems.

The chosen winners were selected for 1) their ability to photographically document challenging situations resulting in strong visual imagery and narrative; 2) evidence of past experience working independently in the developing world and/or countries in conflict; and 3) demonstrated ability to show dignity and hope while engaged in photographing challenging global health situations.

SDN and MSH want to truly thank everyone who submitted an application to this Fellowship through the SDN online platform. SDN is excited to be able to feature much of this work on its website and in its email Spotlights and hope that many of the photographers will gain additional recognition of their work as a result of their submissions and involvement with SDN.

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