SDN News

Video and Other Improvements to SDN

Over the summer we have been working on some significant updates to the SDN website that will make it a more useful site for both those who post work and those who view work.


SDN now supports video

All exhibits now have the ability to insert embed code directly from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing services. For photographers with work on SDN, or considering posting work on SDN, you will see a new optional field for video. Just copy and past code into this window and this link will become active. When viewers go to your SDN exhibit, they will see a link for video.

To see an example of a video embedded in an SDN exhibit from YouTube, visit this exhibit, and on the left side, click link for “Video.”


Older exhibits will now appear on the SDN home page

All live exhibits on the SDN platform will now periodically appear on the SDN home page. If you look at the home page, the bottom three exhibits in the left hand column are randomly drawn from the entire database of exhibits and rotate every few hours.

You can now submit photographs with your documentary news
We encourage you to submit news about documentary photography, including your own projects, to our news section of the website, appearing in the right column. When you send your information, you will see an option for an image for both the home page and the news details page.


Permanent 15% reduction in cost for exhibits

Starting on September 8, the standard cost for creating or renewing exhibits on SDN has been reduced to $0.85 USD per image per year with a minimum of six images per exhibit. All exhibits also have the option for a 90-day free trial.


Other behind the scenes changes

There are numerous other back end changes and improvements we have implemented that will make your experience as an SDN member and user easier and more seamless. If you have any questions about any of these changes, do not hesitate to contact us at