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Photographer: marcelo borges
Title: tobacco
Location: Portugal

This is José Carlos Almeida’s tobacco, who is dedicated to it since he returned from the Bermuda Islands, twenty-three years ago. And it is Manuel dos Anjos Carreiro’s , who keeps producing it, ever since he gained about seventy euros for his first portion off tobacco, back in the day. “That was money!”, he says.
This tobacco has been watched over by José Rodrigues’ forty years of experience, and harvested and distributed with César Almeida’s and the Carreiro brothers’ – Alexandre, Miguel and Ana – strength and commitment. It was separated by Carlos Silva and José Craveiro’s skills and good temper, and was then weighed by José Manuel Franco, who keeps up with the pace of tobacco, since he was eleven years old. “It is laid, it is threaded, it is dry. It doesn’t give you a break, regardless of the weather".

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