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Territories in Resistance

Ze Barretta | Brazil

A group forces a locked door of an unoccupied building. If they manage to come in and stay for 24 hours, only court order can remove them.

This is an ongoing project about social movements fighting for decent housing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The squatters occupy vacant buildings downtown and empty lands on the outskirts of the city.

The project started in 2014 and tries to take a closer look at the people who integrates the movement, giving them visibility. Many lived in favelas, some paid expensive rents in poor houses and others yet lived with relatives.

The occupations put in conflict two basic juridical principles: the right to adequate housing versus the right of ownership, and in general are resolved over years of legal disputes.

Although Brazil is among the ten largest economies in the world, it remains a very unequal country. This inequality is expressed in a housing deficit of around 6 million units, despite all the efforts of the federal government in social programs.

The issue came back to the discussion because the fall of Dilma Roussef's Government has put at risk many of those social achievements in Brazil.

The leaders promise to intensify the struggle.

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