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Winner of 2012 Photography Fellowship in Africa

The Future of Health

Warren Zelman | Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia

Organization: Management Sciences for Health

A laboratory technician works in a rural clinic near Mbuji-Mayi, DRC.

Inspiration and hopelessness become synonyms in the Democratic Republic of Congo's and Ethiopia's Health Care Systems. For many, looking towards the future is the easiest way to make sense of their current reality. But Management Sciences for Health is making great strides in helping to develop a foundation for positive, measurable improvement in the short and long term. Here are the stories of their efforts.


On assignment to document Management Sciences for Health's ongoing efforts to establish and improve the healthcare infrastructure in DRC and Ethiopia, I travelled to urban hospitals, rural clinics, USAID storage facilities, patient's homes, and remote communities to document as many different aspects of their work as possible.


 Management Sciences for Health www.msh.org


514.804.7979 CAN

802.760.0716 US

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