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Growing Up Girl: Together/Alone

Tira Khan | MA, United States

Organization: Sugarhouse Media


Family life can be chaotic; and of course every family can be a little crazy. Yet the moments I tend to photograph show the pause in this cacophony. Children and adolescents have a seriousness about them that we, as a culture, sometimes forget. These unposed photographs attempt to reveal the subjects’ inner worlds, and display their comfort level in relation to others as well as themselves. There is a tension between feeling connected to others, or disconnected and alone.

I find adolescence a revelatory age that breeds awkwardness, yet also contains an honesty unbridled by grown-up inhibitions. I used to work as a newspaper reporter, and taking photographs is similar to meeting people, interviewing them, and searching for the right quote, or the idea that makes the story. As a photographer, instead of their words, I am attracted to my subjects’ thoughts, their gestures. I aim to capture what happens after the family snapshot is taken, and the camera is put down.

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