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Tribute to the Spirit of Womanhood

Subhamita Poddar | India

it was a hectic day

Who is real - the body that the soul wears, or the soul that the body protects? Ratrish is a woman’s soul wrapped in a man’s body. She is an aspiring model and singer; a human being born with much talent and promises to shine as a star; but the society tags her to be a transgender.

I got to know about her from my friends who happen to be Ratrish’s friends also. After following her for sometime on the social network, I had a feeling that she is quite active on such platforms and she is keen to be heard – loud and clear. Even after being tagged for a distorted identity, she never took to faking and creating false impression while so called normal people on these public forums are in plenty who pose to be the person they are not. The idea of narrating her story through my camera grew up inside me. Though I had an apprehension about her reply, but to my utter surprise, she readily accepted when I offered her, with much hesitation, to capture a day of her life. In fact, she was not only welcoming the idea of being captured by my camera, but was quite enthusiastic and excited about it. From that moment on, shooting her was no longer a project of me alone. It became ours.

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