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Planet of Slums

Siniša Prvanov | Viet Nam, Mongolia, Greece


The great interest, indeed the morbid fascination, is that it seeks to identify exactly how and why the majority of the world's population is currently living in poverty, oppressed, dispossessed and starving; the poor may always be with us, but times change.But you knew that already.

"In 1950 there were 86 cities in the world with a population of more than one million ... by 2015 there will be at least 550"; and "For 10,000 years urban societies have struggled against deadly accumulation of their own waste"; and "neoliberal capitalism since 1970 has multiplied Dickens's notorious slum of Tom-all-Alone's in Bleak House by exponential powers. Residents of slums, while only 6% of the city population of the developed countries, constitute a staggering 78.2% of urbanites in the least-developed countries"; and "China ... added more city-dwellers in the 1980s than did of all Europe (including Russia) in the entire 19th century!"


by Mike Davis 2006

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