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Human Trafficking

Ron Nicolaysen | Argentina

I have six children.
One of my daughters was kidnapped in 2000.
We are still hoping she will return.
I have another daughter. She is 16.
I cannot let her work, because I am afraid she will also be taken.

"Violence against women is an issue that cannot wait. A brief look at the statistics makes it clear. At least one out of three women is likely to be beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime".       
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General       
November 2008

In November of 2008, I was fortunate enough to participate in a United Nations project relating to the elimination of violence against women. I was asked to go to Argentina and take photos of recovered sex victims. These photos in addition to others were put on display at the UN in November 2008 as well as March 2009.

Editor's Note: This exhibit was awarded the SocialDocumentary.net Award in partnership with the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Ron Nicolaysen
448  West 37th Street       loft 12A
New York, New York  10018-4017
(+ +)  212-947-5167
(+ +)  818-305-1133  (cellphone)
Skype:  ronnicolaysen

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