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Shatila refugee camp

Pascal Amos Rest | Lebanon

Shatila at night

The Children and Youth Center Shatila provides space for the children and youth of the refugee camps, to develop their potential. They try to give all children and young people a safe place where they can learn and play.

Shatila, one of the oldest Palestinian refugee camps, is located in the heart of Beirut. More than 20,000 Palestinian refugees live there under inhumane conditions for decades and more and more Syrian refugees arrive daily.

About one million refugees from Syria have now arrived in Lebanon - in addition to the 400,000 Palestinians who have been living in the country anyway, it's more than the small four-million-State can handle. Politically, the situation is delicate. Six major attacks in Beirut and Tripoli, with more than 100 dead and countless wounded persons, in just the past months: all heralds of a dramatic time, when the Syrian civil war continues.


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