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Unsafe Space

Ogulcan Arslan | Istanbul, Turkey

Home sweet home.

‘Unsafe Place’ is the story of the unwanted people around us; a large part of people don’t look at their faces as they walk down the street, they don’t bother engaging in the slightest communication even though they see them... They live in tough conditions in neighborhoods that we don’t happen to pass by and where the electricity is illegally used; where the walls are lled with writings
that make you feel as if you’re in Afghanistan, where people make scrambled eggs with tomatoes and pepper that they’ve got from bazaars or markets, thrown away because they’ve gone bad and they dip stone-hard, week-old bread in it; where water is pumped and drunk from glasses lled with cigarette butts; and yet, none of these pose a problem.

'Unsafe Space' reveals the lifeline between reality and dreams in the eyes of a small part of Afghan refugees in the Vefa district of Istanbul, with their intense downfalls and rare lifts.




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