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Dance of Hope

Nathalie Vigini | Colombia

In the streets of Colombia, performing for their dream and for the money.

Venezuelan artists in Colombia trying to find their way for a better life.

Their dance is full of dream and hope for better conditions for their family back in Venezuela.They dance to represent their country, they dance for hope, and they dance because they believe in a better future.

This breakdance group from Venezuela, move 6 months ago in Colombia where they are making they dream real. Dance, learn, grow and earn money.

A way to get out of the reality in their country, which is with no hope and no possibilities for Young people.

They want to spread the wings and the only possibility right now is to do it outside their country.
Performing in the streets, practicing all day long, finding new choreographic moves for next life performance, learning new steps from locals dancers.
This is what makes them happy, satisfy and above all earn some money.



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