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Ceremony in Bali

Natalie Becker | Indonesia

Temple Before Full Moon

Bali survives tourism, terrorism, and poverty because of the intricate weaving of religion and art into everyday life.  Life in Bali is a continuing ceremony: preparing decorations and making offering baskets of food and flowers for the gods. This takes a great deal of money, time and devotion and in the Balinese villages this is understood to be the Balinese way of life.

There is a ceremony for every full moon, new moon, temple birthdays, tooth filings, birth, placenta burying, 7 days, 1,  3 and  6 months old; for plants, animals, illness, death, cremation; for rice fields and each day offerings are prepared for every home, every business, every place a god watches over their lives.

Many of these photographs show the social activity accompanying temple processions, dance and prayer; the playing, gambling and selling merchandise outside of the temple.

Natalie Becker


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