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Photographer: Max Bastard
Title: Entering the Void - A no-holds barred look at Health Care in South Africa.
Location: South Africa

South Africa's Apartheid history has left the country with a massive spacial development problem, with Cities, Towns and Provinces primarily divided along economic, and by extension of the countries apartheid past, racial lines. A country of contrasts, with opulent multi-million dollar homes juxtaposed against grinding poverty, this essay delves into the social and health environment in some of the poorest and most marginalised areas of the country. It takes one right into the townships and rural settlements, into squatter camps and tin shacks, and turns its lens onto the faces and into the eyes of those most betrayed by the promise of 1994. For it is only by knocking on these doors and looking into the faces and eyes behind those doors that the true impact of the countries failed health policies can be understood.

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