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The children of "La Cañada"

Marisol Cid | Mexico

Organization: https://www.instagram.com/photo_cid/

Boy playing with his sister

La Cañada is located in the fourteenth municipality of the state of San Luis Potosi. It is in the middle of the semi-desert with beautiful views. Its community is basically dedicated to the harvest of medicinal plants.
It is a place with few inhabitants, I calculate about 100 maximum, most young people with the secondary finished. When talking with some children from La Cañada they told me that they are no longer interested in studying and that is why they close the schools. Kindergarten has only 3 students today, primary and secondary are inactive.

Of professional architect, vocation photograph.
In my projects I am interested in transmitting the wealth that exists in our cultural diversity.
I do not like people to pose for me, before photography I am interested in the person and interact with it is the fundamental things in my work, although sometimes it is impossible to engage in a long conversation, a look gives me the guidelines to do Click.
I like that my camera goes unnoticed and that makes my photography capture the intimate moments of each person in everyday scenarios.


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