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Beyond the Veil

Kanishka Mukherji | West Bengal, India

The Face of a Muslim Girl covered with her pet cat.

Often misinterpreted as a shroud of oppression and a flag of fundamentalism, the burka/burqa, hijab and the niqab have been the centre of many controversies in the western world where it is regarded as a security risk.

Many muslim women  wear a burka not because someone forced them to, but because they wanted to. They  love how it is so easy to wear, how they can move freely in it, It gives them confidence and makes them feel one with their community which they are proud to be a part of. It doesn’t chain them, it liberates them. They are still a girl like all of the others and still do things which every other girl does.

Sadly enough in the 21st century when the world is echoing with shouts of protests for feminism, they are still often isolated in a crowd due to their choice, often misinterpreted as their compulsion.

People tend to have a lot of misconception about the ladies of Muslim community , thinking of them as oppressed and tormented. But through this body of work I have tried to portray the hidden truth of many Muslim women and that not all of them are oppressed.Some of them chose to put on this dress as a symbol of choice.

Kanishka Mukherji

Email- kanishka2385@gmail.com

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