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WITH YOU ALONE - A story on single mothers in Morocco

Joelle Gueguen | Morocco

Fatiha Hadad at the age of 20 years - photograph on the left. Fatiha Hadad now, single mother of 32 years old - photograph on the right- Fatiha has raised her son Mohamed 2 years old on her own since he was born. Only one her sisters knows Mohammed is hers,she cumulates various jobs to make ends meet and earns the equivalent of 140euros/month. Marrakech Daoudiat district - June 2013

 In 2011, following the Arab Spring, a new Moroccan constitution was created. This included long awaited amendments on women rights. In practice this hasn't changed much. In Morocco single mothers are still rejected from society for being unmarried with a child. According to INSAF* 153 children are born outside marriage every day with 24 of them being abandoned. Uncontrolled pregnancies are happening mostly in rural areas or poor town districts.

From April 2013 I was able to witness Fathihas own experience:

Fatiha Hadad 32, is from the countryside near Marrakesh, she lost vision in one eye as a toddler. This left her with little hope to marry. She became pregnant after meeting someone who eventually left her. She is raising her son alone in a 12 square meter room without any water facilities. No one knows about her story apart from one of her sisters.  She lives now in Marrakech

 I am a documentary photographer based in Morocco where I cover social issues. My work has appeared in various publications including Mexico, Thailand, Morocco and Europe. I was recently selected by Worldpress Photo organisation to participate to their story telling workshops that took me to Tunisia and Egypt this year

 * INSAF - Institution Nationale de Solidarité avec les Femmes en Détresse

Joelle Gueguen



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