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Climate Fury Shatkhira: Bangladesh

Ismail Ferdous | Shatkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh

Death hides in plain sight. The soil has died away with the people’s spirit. Shamnagar, Shatkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh. - Ismail Ferdous/ Alexia Foundation -Climate Fury Shatkhira: Bangladesh

This exhibit is based on the by-product of climate change. A thousand words are not enough to describe the situation in Shatkhira, Bangladesh. It would be an understatement to say that the region is going through condition similar to a post-war phase. After the great catastrophic tornado Aila in 2009, unemployment and scarcity of food and water was widespread. This horrific misfortune has destroyed the embankments, which separated the Bay of Bengal and the local rivers and lakes – dispensing large quantities of saline water. Pacts between the soil and water has left bruises in the heart of the soil and devastated the entire region. People only hope to earn livelihood entering to deadly jungle where death pirates and tigers are hungry to eat them. Same time some have capitalized this opportunity to gain more influence and power over the locals and They are only ones who have benefitted from this climate change while the majority are only victims. So the people of that region are stuck in a climate trap.

My project offers me the insights into these helpless people’s lives. I have seen children deprived of their parents and wives deprived of their families. Initially, I was ashamed of myself for not being able to do anything. However, when I see the warm glow of hope in some of their eyes, I instantly believe that I am doing nothing. I know that even only by just talking to them I create a thin but existent layer of hope for them. For them, it’s a sign that at least someone cares – even if it is an insignificant person like me.


Ismail Ferdous

P: +8801817525894

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