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Shiv Sadan a village for cured leprosy patients.

Ingetje Tadros | Dehradun, India

Basanta is over 80 years of age is one of the oldest residents in Shiv Sadan.

NGO Raphael was founded in 1959 in Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India, with its mission to provide relief from suffering.
Shiv Sadan is a village for cured leprosy patients, where families have their own housing unit. The residents are provided with all the basic necessities of life. In turn, based on their capabilities they assist in Raphael's day-to-day activities like weaving, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and gardening, leading a life of dignity and contributing to the well being of the community.

Featured photographer at The Focus Project 2011.

3d place Honor of Distinction | Photography Masterscup



Renowned photographer and traveler Ingetje Tadros began a global photographic sojourn at seventeen. Leaving behind her small hometown of Bleiswijk in the Netherlands, she ambitiously set out to travel the planet. Over the course of 30 years of regular travel, she has visited more than 40 countries across six continents, all the while capturing striking images of the world’s tribal people, and of lives and places that exist in relative obscurity. Her photography offers the viewer genuine moments of humanity and stunning expressive form.

Whether she is photographing people in a market in a village in India, or during a festival , Ingetje is always fully engaged with the people she encounters. The viewer never has the feeling she is pickpocketing people’s private sacred moments to enthrall us with mere cultural novelty. Her photographs neither intend to shock nor illicit sympathy; therefore, we can visually engage with Tadros’ subjects without the distortions imposed by a disparaging fog of pity. Through her great skill and sensitivity, she enhances our perceptions and engages us with the unfamiliar, enabling us to cast off our engrained, divisive tendencies – the formidable mental barriers that alienate “us” (the urban, economically-advantaged) from “them” (indigenous people and the world’s chronically poor and vulnerable).

In March of 2011, Ingetje published her first book, Tribal Ethiopia – a testament of her passion for documenting tribal people and championing issues of social justice. The book’s 286 photos document the indigenous tribes of the Omo River Valley and their plight as people threatened with the of loss of their ancestral homeland and economic livelihood to modern development; a proposed massive hydroelectric plant project would eventually flood their valley.

Over the course of her career she has been a volunteer photographer for the Amsterdam World Museum and a travel consultant for Nouvelles Frontieres. Ingetje currently freelances in Australia. She is also a prodigious contributor to world-renowned Getty Images(Creative and Editorial),  AuroraPhotos and is a stringer for Demotix.  She currently lives in Broome in Western Australia where she and her Egyptian-born husband own and run a Middle Eastern restaurant that also serves as an informal gallery for her work. She travels as much as she can in between running a busy restaurant.


In Januari 2011 Ingentje joined 'Momenta Workshop' and was assigned to work In NGO Raphael in Dehradun, India.


Ingetje  was assigned to NGO Raphael, which is situated in the Doon Valley amidst picturesque surroundings and verdant Sal forests just outside Dehradun, in Uttaranchal.
Founded by renowned humanist, Group Captain Lord Leonard Cheshire and his wife Baroness Sue Ryder in 1959, its mission is to provide relief from suffering. It began as a home in a cluster of tents for cured leprosy patients, their children and mentally disturbed. Shunned and abandoned by their families and society, they came to Raphael to start a life of dignity, love and care-a dream to start a new life that would change their destiny forever.

 NGO -Project New Vision Of India in Kurtumgarth

 NGO New Hope in Orissa


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