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The Occupation of New York

Giles Clarke | United States

Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan. This is where the 'occupation' began on Sept 17th 2011. The camp bagan filling after this picture was taken and soon became a tented city which the world quickly became inspired by. Occupy Wall Street was born here.

It is time. It is time to get on the streets and make some noise. The banks have failed the people. The Government have failed the people. Since I began shooting the Occupy protests, over 7,000 peaceful protestors have been arrested...none have ever been convicted. In the meantime, the crooks that bought this country to its knees financially have been simply allowed to carry on quietly. The United States of America is a country of hypocrisy and bribery. While millions have lost homes and cuts in education, healthcare and social security, the politicians ans lobbyists continue to raise billions for elections and keep the stranglehold on student loans and the cost of living. The system keeps tens of millions in poverty -Its fine for some but wrong for many others. Here are a few pictures from the heart of the financial center in NYC taken during the those first few weeks of 'Occupy Wall Street' in September, 2011.

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