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SYNET-Cerimonia della Circoncisione

Giancarlo Rupolo | Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Immersion in water purifying in his father's chest.

Every year in August, many Macedonians living abroad return to their home countries due to holidays. In this period, many families are recomposed, the opportunity to celebrate the feast of Synet, circumcision of male children.

For Ergi, an eight-year-old Macedonian child of ethnic Albanian and Muslim religion, the ceremony of Synet, called circumcision in the Albanian language, is one of the most important events of his life. Throughout the day the Ergi parents never attend in person.

The ceremony takes place in a Macedonian town situated near Struga, not far from the border with Albania, within a large and well-established Muslim community of ethnic Albanians.

These photos document the most significant and symbolic moments of the second day of the Synet party, the most important one.

With this work we have tried to highlight the family and collective feelings without overwhelming the event. The meeting of men only and women only, often separated during the day, anticipating the final dinner held at a restaurant.

He was born in 1945. Fotografa from the late seventies by developing interest in the kind of social reportage. She attended many masters such as Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario de Biasi, Fulvio Roiter, Franco Fontana, Romano Cagnononi, Roberto Salbitani, John Marozzini, George Tadge, Giancarlo Torresani, Ernesto Bazan, Paul Lowe, Ziyah Gafic and Francesco Cito.

He has had 31 solo exhibitions and 61 group exhibitions. He has won several awards including the "10th Mario Giacomelli Prize", the "XXIV Premio Città di Verona", the "silver butterfly" and "Golden Butterfly", the "Giorgio Trani" award for reportage, special jury prize in the competition "Giancarlo Siani," the 45th "golden Chip", the first prize at the international competition "Luz Contra el Racismo" in Madrid, the "Trophy Pollitzer," Portfolio Italy - Grand Prix Hasselblad " 2016 .

A picture is present in the calendar produced by Amnesty International to mark the 50th anniversary of foundation.

E 'she was named "Author of the Year 2012" for the FIAF F.V.G.

He received the honor from the FIAF AFI "Artist of Italian Photography" in the 'year 2016.

Giancarlo Rupolo

Via Trieste 45

33070 Caneva (PN)  ITALIA





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