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My Life After Ebola

Francis Yorpoi | Freetown, Sierra Leone

Wilfred and Earnest cooking. Eye their mother (my aunt) can no longer cook for us because she is too weak. Wilfred is cooking our dinner, and Earnest is sitting beside him. He is preparing potato leaves sauce.

My name is Francis Yorpoi. I am 15 years old and live in George Brook, in city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. This is my first photograph assignment, to tell the story of my life now, after Ebola. I have taken these my first photographs with my first camera, which I learned to use by myself. In December of 2014 I lost my mother and my father to Ebola. I was adopted by my uncle Matthew and aunt Eye into their family, joining my 3 cousins Earnest, Wilfred and Michael. This year has been very hard. My Aunty Eye slowly became very sick and died. She was young. My uncle does not have work, and my 3 cousins and I do not often have enough to eat. I am trying to continue with my schooling, and hope to become a photographer, like my father was before his death.

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