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August 2017 Featured Photographer of the Month

Survivor: Survived Against all the Odds

Farida Alam | Bangladesh

The midwife is massaging oil on Dulary’s belly just to comfort her. For the Bede community, they feel that midwives are more reliable than a professional doctor.

In Bangladesh, the nomadic community, known as the Bede community, is a unique social group of people with distinctive culture and heritage.

This photo series represents the story of a pregnant Bede woman named Dulary who already had four children when she gave birth to her fifth child — a boy. They never visit doctors unless it becomes crucial. It is a tradition of theirs that women give birth with help of traditional midwives. When someone has labor pains, a group usually leaves their work and stays to support the pregnant woman. Also, the other groups who go to work share their earning with the women who stay home. Such a wonderful tradition and bonding they share makes them unique.

It’s true that the birth process is unhygienic and they are far away from all the basic needs but this is the way they are leading their lives for decades. Among all the pessimism I found them happy. I wanted to explore the birth process in Bede community, who has survived against all odds.

Farida Alam's inspiration for photography comes from people and her surroundings. She loves to experience other cultures, meet different people from diverse communities.

She believes in immersion photography and spends months listening, observing and talking with her subjects over the course of a project. Photography has become part of her identity - a force that makes her think, feel and understand human beings and the human condition. Her work on third gender people, “Reflection of dispersed soul”, hidden for years has brought her various international award and recognitions.

Apart from that her other individual works has got her recognitions of various national and international arenas.

Currently, she is working with different social groups that are deprived of basic human needs. However, at the same time she is exploring their traditional lifestyle and learning from it.

Farida has completed basic and foundation courses from “Pathshala South Asian Media Institute “. Later on, she also participated in a documentary photography course of Counter Photo, another renowned photography institute of Bangladesh.

Currently, she is pursuing Diploma in photography from Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. Also, she is a lifetime member of “Bangladesh Photography Society (BPS)”.


Farida Alam

E-mail: seturida@gmail.com

Mobile No: +8801819220099

Dhaka, Bangladesh




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