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Granite quarry, India, 2015


I'm close to the industry of the world of work to catch the sites where man is used as raw material for production in a world that seems to exist in the middle ages, but did not change since the industrial revolution.

Most of the time this realityisnot visible to anyone, but it's shared in all the cities of this world and is timeless and identical.

The world of work is everywhere; hard, cruel, unjust, without mercy, brutal, inhumane, in opposition with nature and with ourselves.

Away from this so-called modernity, the consumer society—this sterile environment that they are trying to sell us at any price—this cruel reality of a world unforgiving and uncompromising. The barbaric world of workers is photographed here with a concern for aesthetics but above all in its raw reality.

—Fabien Dupoux

Self-taught French photographer Fadien Dupouxis an emergent artist who chose to quit his job as a teacher in 2013 to focus on his photography.

A farmer's grandson and an industrial mechanic’s son, his artwork reveals his admiration for the manual labor throughout the world. His themes are about the burn-out and obsession of working in contrast with the beauty of nature. Dupoux loves to travel around the world year round thanks to his curiosity. His ultimate goal as a photographer is to photograph man as an animal in his natural environment.

Exhibitions and Publications

Mexican Award of Journalism: "Gilberto Rincon Gallardo"(mention)

Magnum Awards (2016): selected for an exhibition in the Magnum gallery online.

Finalist at the International Competition: "Climate State of Emergency" (2015), exhibitionat the Cité des Arts in Paris during the fifth international summit on global warming and around the world in55 countries.

OtraMirada (2015)
Exhibitioninthe National Library de Mexico Jose Vasconselos

Hombres de Hierro (2015)
Published in the magazine "Cuatro Oscuro" in the photographic Mexican agency.

The Sea Port Men (2005)
Published in the newspaper "Mareille Hebdo in France"


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