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Io sono Giuseppe

Emiliano Cribari | Italy

Giuseppe wants to show us the containers where he lived with his family after an earthquake struck his hometown, but he's tired and has no more strength to walk, so he asks his mother's partner for help

This is a photo project on a serious rare disease that affects children; currently in Italy only 10 cases were diagnosed and even the doctors don't know this syndrom as well.
So the families of these children are obliged to understand, test and treat the syntoms almost by themselves.
Trisomy 9 Mosaic is a rare chromosomal disorder for which the chromosome 9 appears 3 times (trisomy) rather than 2.
The term 'mosaic' indicates that the chromosome is not present in all the cells but only in some of them.
Associated symptoms and results may change substantially according to the percentage of cells with the extra chromosome.
However, the common features include slow growth before birth, mental retardation, heart structural malformations and distinctive features of the skull and face like a sloping forehead, and malformed ears.
Individuals with trisomy 9 mosaicism can vary very much one from another.

He is Giuseppe.

Emiliano Cribari is an Italian photojournalist interested in social issues. In 2015 he made a reportage, entitled "Io sono", dedicated to Trisomy 9 Mosaic (a rare chromosomal disorder that affects children) and in 2016 he made a reportage (that was exhibited inside Florence’s old prison) dedicated to the needs of those who live in a Nursing Home. In 2017 "Io sono" received 3rd place at "Fine Art Photography Awards" (Professional Photographers / Photojournalism category). In 2016, instead, it received the honour mention at "Monochrome Photography Awards", "Tokyo International Foto Awards" and “Moscow International Foto Awards” and it was exhibited at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco. He photographed the "UNESCO World Forum for Culture and Cultural Industries", the "Stati Generali della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo" and all the editions of the "Festival delle Religioni". He curated photoshoots for exhibitions dedicated to Salvador Dalì, Antony Gormley, Jeff Koons, Pontormo, Bronzino, Jan Fabre and John Currin. Since 2016 he follows and documents the work of a group of nurses. Some of his photojournalistic reportages were published in magazines as LensCulture, Social Documentary Network and Witness Journal.



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