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Parched Marathawada

Debsuddha Banerjee | India

Quenching thirst, near Sonvati dam

It's been four years since monsoon didn't take place in western Maharashtra properly.Shifting rainfall is the biggest causes that made the entire province get parched. Most affected areas are Latur, Sholapur, Beed, Govindpura, Bhatkheda, Nageshwari, Osmanabad, Sonchin chuli. The vagaries of nature have already taken their toll. The farmers in the hinterland have no way out, the common man clings to a collapsing infrastructure in the cramped city. Water wagons sent from Kota, Rajasthan have done little. But that is really not enough for the common people. Farmers have committed suicide as their parched fields do not have the capacity to produce crops to pay back their loans. Dried up damn areas are getting drilled to reserve the rain water for upcoming days. In few areas man power is also involved tomake more deep their existing water reservoir. According to the locals, sugar factory, liquor factory because these units used up more water for the filtration purpose from their wizened land and the doomsday begins since 2012.

A private teacher by profession, started photography as a hobby with a point and shoot camera about four years back and day by day it turned into my passion. Love to capture the expressions, of people,life and actions of streets but passionate to do photojournalism and photo documentary as well.Photojournalism is that field where I can apply my skill competently in a challenging way with the dynamic environment and put my energy immensely.My best photo documentary is yet to be shot.

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