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I Am History : editorial on the last WWII vets in Magadan, Russia.

Darya Ryan | Russia, Russian Federation

Драч Антонина Андреевна. Juvenile prisoner of fascist concentration camps.

We live in a world of many wars. The abundance of conflict in the global news coverage hardly allows the time to reflect and remember the past conflicts and past wars. My project aims at providing perhaps the last chance to get in touch with the past, the lives, and the faces of the last remaining WWII veterans of Magadan, Russia.

I chose Magadan, Russia not only because it is where i was born, but also because it is one of the most remote and hard to travel to places in the world. Magadan's remoteness is not accidental. In 1930s it was chosen to be an administrative capital of the forced-labor system of GULAG camps. Since then tens of thousands prisoners died in Kolyma region. The history of Magadan is dark and at the same time hidden from the world. The people that survived the soviet system in Magadan are very few and the time is slipping away. I hope that my work will help bring the lives of WWII veterans and GULAG survivors back into perspective of our modern world.

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