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April 2014 Featured Photographer of the Month

The Favela Hill

Dario De Dominicis | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The huge construction site where will be built the funicolar car station that the City Council is building. In this place was the main square of the favela, Piazza Americo Brum, which was the point of entertainment for adults and children in the community.

 Situated in the middle of the economic centre and in the heart of the Docklands, the Providencia hill is the oldest favela of Rio and all of Brazil. Now, while the city is redoing his make-up in preparation for the next World Cup and The Olympic Games, the future of this community is seriously at risk. In the last two years, looking to revitalize the whole harbour area, the Council has started various huge projects and the Providencia is right in the middle. The plans involve the removal of nearly a third of the houses of the community. Many residents have reported fundamental legal rights violations. What is happening in Providência is emblematic of the real situation in Rio today, and it is proof of the failed policies of the State Government. All this is rapidly changing the urban landscape. The relocation program that is undergoing in many areas, may also change the social geography, pushing the poor into the suburbs. In this scenario of strong social conflict and uncertainty about the future, Cariocas are waiting for the upcoming events.

 Dario De Dominicis

Mail: dariophotosdd@gmail.com

Phone: 0055.21.975978470

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