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Last Man Standing

Caroline de Bertodano | London/Serbia, Serbia

The Quiet Warrior
from the series Last Man Standing 2017

It is a persons human right to have & protect his home.  One mans struggle and stand against corporate developement of a 2.3sq.mile area.  The Belgrade Waterfront.







The one place a person should feel safe is their home.

Ivan Timotijevic is that rare breed of man that chose to stand for something he felt was inherently wrong.
As all the houses around him were destroyed and all his lifelong friends were evicted and moved on, he chose to stay and fight, in the only way he knew how, by standing firm and confronting the imposed system as much as he could.

His home for 40 years is filled with loving memories of raising a family, his lifelong career as a mechanic is evident everywhere as he invents & tinkers with bits that he finds. When they cut off his water, he invented a system to pump water from the water table. He kept bees under the eaves of his home but they have left due to the construction site,  but Ivan still proudly collects fresh honey for us to share with us.

His eyes show the weariness of battle and at times the resignation to the end result but until that moment arrives, he defies the impending eviction with the toil of his hands the strength of his heart. 

I am a documentary photographer that on hearing the Savamala story wanted to raise awareness as to the human rights issues that are faced by the low income people at ground level in Belgrade.

Caroline de Bertodano

Documentary Photographer



+44 7801 556742

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