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Carlos Zaya | Tanzania, United Republic of


About 1 hour after the arrival in Zanzibar in the back seat of a local taxi, tragedy strikes down from no where and takes us by shock. A boy tries to cross the road and gets hit by the taxi we're sitting in. Seconds after, disturbance and chaos takes place while I try desperately to get the boy to a hospital as fast as possible. About 15 anxious and very heavy hours later we looked for his family's house to find out that he had past away in the hospital due to his injuries.

From that moment on nothing made sense anymore. The thought of continuing like nothing happened felt inhuman. Thats when I met the kids at the tide water. The reason why I started photographing them is due to the guilt and sadness I felt towards the boy who past away. I felt, some how, that I was giving back. The truth is that its those kids who gave me more than I could ever give to anybody.

Nungwi is located in the north coast of Zanzibar island where it experiences to equal tides each day. The water level rises and falls with up to 3 - 4 meters in difference. This relatively common phenomena creates with it an event that captured my attention and curiosity during my stay on the island.

When the water begins to draw back to the far ocean right before noon, the villagers of Nungwi take to enter the shallow water that is left behind. The villagers live very simple lives and they don't have much to choose from otherwise where poverty is obvious. They've learned to take advantage of what nature offers and the enormas possibilities the sea can provide with. Some go out to collect sea weed, others collect seashells to sell to tourists and some will try to capture the trapped fish to cook and eat for lunch or dinner.

Among the people who enter the shallow water during the low tide is the children of Nungwi. The low tide creates with it a sort of gigantic playground for the kids where they look for sea shells, catch poisonous sea snakes, go fishing and just simply play and hang around. The low water that opens up becomes a place of escape from the normal, daily and poor life of the village.




 I am a freelance documentary photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

My work is a collection of ordinary and unordinary observations along with personal projects and varied assignments from newspapers, magazines and companies. My main focus is on the documentary genre presenting works both in singles and reportage series with the human subject as the central core.

 Website: www.zayaphotography.com 

Email: info@zayaphotography.com

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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