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High in the Dump

Bryan Watt | Kenya

With glue bottles tenuously glued to their lips, they have both hands free to scrounge around the dump. Sometimes there is a theft in town, and a nearby street child gets blamed and is beaten, sometimes killed.

Sniffing glue is an addiction faced by children around the world. These children in Kenya live on the streets and hang out in the dump. The glue contains solvents that affect their brains. They lose their ability to reason properly, and live lives subject to fear and violence.

The time and money allocated to your projects are insignificant when compared to the heart and soul you devote to people in obvious need. I would like to help your donors feel your empathy and compassion towards these children and adults and to share the joys and the fulfilment of your successes through the stories of individuals.

Emotions are essential to inspire your donors to realize their desire and to offer their support. Sharing impactful thought provoking photographs will gain their attention, help them understand, and compel them to help.

I accept assignments that offer me the opportunity to get to the heart of your project, learn and share fulfilling experiences with you and those you help. Currently I am always traveling and have no home base. My previous home base was in the Lao PDR during 2002 – 2013.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Tumaini Drop-In Center, Eldoret Kenya

Bryan Watt
Humanitarian Photographer

mail: watt@bryanwatt.com

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