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Viet Nam: Adaption to climate change and floods of rubbish

Astrid Schulz | Viet Nam

“All of my efforts now is to rebuild my house that safely protects my
grand children during the flood and stormy season”, said Nguyen Thi Chat, an 80-year old widow from An Xa village, an area in central Vietnam.

Viet Nam is currently emerging as one of Asia’s powerful countries, which brings not only social and economic changes, but also many challenges. Like many other countries in this region, Viet Nam is experiencing an increase of climate change issues such as rising seawater. According to the historical disaster database, provinces like Quang Binh in Central Vietnam have an average 2.5 disasters per year, usually flash floods caused by heavy rainfall and destruction trough typhoons.

Another problem is caused by the influx of consumerism, which is leading to uncontrolled waste treatment and consequently pollution of the environment.
Even though the government has begun to recognize these problems, a lot of help is generated by various Non Government Organisations (NGO).

In November 2012 photographer Astrid Schulz traveled with two different NGOs to rural areas in order to document peoples reports for a risk assessment as well as success stories after aid has been received. Both NGO’s are mainly interested in encouraging individuals in finding solutions for themselves and give support, advice and micro loans to ease their problems.

Challenge to Change

ENDA Viet Nam

Astrid Schulz




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