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Photographer: Antonio Correia
Title: Urban decay
Location: Portugal

Human existence on the planet leaves unavoidable and irreversible traces. Homo sapiens have been responsible for the evolving change in the world’s evolution and development. Fortunately, since the beginning of recorded history, art has preserved the actions and memories of our ancestors. Many of these iconographic symbols and art forms collectively represent a cosmic vision of human existence.
Based on this broad idea, Antonio thought it would be interesting to define a photographic work whose aim would be to build a collection based on the heritage of contemporary architecture, spaces and urban areas where the intervention of the Human Being left in the past strong marks of his presence and transit.
Globalization is being imposed over society and to Portuguese one in particular, a change that forced to radical shifts not always with positive results. Abandonment of housing once full of Life is a depressing reality that he tries to register here as the remains left behind an Human occupation.

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