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Ana Palacios | Tanzania, United Republic of

Grace Manyika, at the old Moshi train station, looks at the Mount Kilimanjaro. The largest albino community in Africa is concentrated on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.
Moshi, Tanzania. March, 14th, 2016.

In Africa, there is a superstition that drinking an “albino potion” brings good luck, which is why they are hunted, mutilated and murdered by bounty hunters wanting to obtain ingredients for this highly prized concoction. However, their real enemy is the sun. The absence of melanin and a lack of suitable protection from the sun causes skin cancer that slashes their life expectancy to less than 30 years.

In Tanzania, the country with more albinos than anywhere else in the world, the government has found it necessary to build shelters to protect these people from the clutches of unscrupulous traffickers in human beings. At the shelter they are also taught how to prevent skin cancer and the lethal consequences of not protecting themselves from ultraviolet light.

This report shows what everyday life is like in Kabanga, a shelter for albinos, and also shines a light on the Spanish NGO, chemists and doctors who work to prevent the mortal consequences by fighting to address the discrimination and stigmatization suffered by this vulnerable community.

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