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The Power of Education

Amiran White | India

Manjula, 12, practices piano in the main school building.

Shanti Bhavan, meaning 'Haven of Peace', is a residential school in south India. The free school offers a select group of children from India's lowest caste, the untouchables, the best education possible enabling the students to dream of becoming doctors and astronauts rather than the rag-picker and cleaner jobs they would have been destined for. The school has also given the children a rare opportunity to create their own community away from the prejudices of their society.
Dr. Abraham George started the project through his belief that education can change people’s lives more than anything else.
“It is something,” said George, “that can be given and never taken away- the power of education.”

 For more information on the school: http://www.shantibhavanonline.org/

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