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Where Do We Go From Here?

Alex Scott | New York, United States

Jermaine is 30-years-old with two children, no house and no job. He said he has no criminal record but also has not been working in a few months while his family was away and he was living on the streets. “My friend told me the best thing to do was do a stint. Do a three month stint (in Jail) and when I got out I had a house and a job set up for me."

Instability is a cause to a great suffering. Sometimes it’s a week, or a year, but most often a generation problem. Over 14,000 families in New York are currently without housing – enduring endless lines, sleepless nights and a constant insecurity that is passed from parent to child. Currently in 2016, New York peaked with a homeless population of over 60,000. This figure only represents those in shelters, with many more sleeping on the streets. The causes are myriad: unaffordable housing, substance abuse, mental health issues, but systemic roadblocks contribute to make the climb out of homelessness all but impossible. 

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Alex Scott



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