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Witnessing Hell

Younes Mohammad | Iraq & Syria, Iraq

Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 16 APR 2016: A camera belong to Duch film documentary crew at the rest time behind the banker of the Peshmarga in front line when they start to have rest.

When you follow the news, there are all kinds of media that help give you a better understanding of the world. But who are those people who bring you the news from warzonesand frontlines?

What motivatesthem?



I wanted to know about them and why they take on such a dangerous job.

I wanted to know more about these people who call themselves journalists, so I joined some of them as a photographer in Iraq and Syria.

I documented their coverage about the war against ISIS, covering their activities and capturing the moments to nd my answers.

Website: http://www.younesagha.com

E-mail: Younespen@gmail.com

Mobile: +964 750 448 4697

Currently in Iraqi Kurdistan-Erbil

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