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Photographer: Morocco Flowers
Title: Their Stories
Location: Massachusetts, United States

Don Courtemanche and Bryce Tolassi

Our lives were starting to gain some normalcy. After closing on our new home, the Loomis/Wesson house, in August of the prior year, we had spent almost a year fixing, repairing, painting, landscaping, and all of the other things involved in buying a bank owned property. As a matter of fact, I had come home early the day of the tornado to meet a roofer of all things. He hadn't been gone for ten minutes when all hell broke loose.

The tornado turned our lives upside down. To see the destruction, not only to something you had worked so hard on, but also to one of Springfield's architectural treasures was heart wrenching. Luckily nobody was injured. We ended up having one of the costliest insurance claims, if not the highest, in the entire state. "See extended captions link"

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