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Gypsy Interiors (Contemporary Roma Portraits)

Carlo Gianferro | Romania / republic of Moldova

Young girl in a parlour, with faux flowers and murals, Soroca, Republic of Moldova.

Traditions are still handed down orally: Mothers to daughters, fathers to sons. Even murals attest to the family-centeredness of everyday Roma life.

"Gypsy Interiors" is a collection of portraits capturing the sedate and decorous intimacy of an outwardly loud and gregarious people. Carlo Gianferro has discovered a profound – almost religious – ethnic performance enacted by proud and wealthy Roma deep within their own private quarters; staged amidst ancient furniture, tapestries, paintings, sacred icons, porcelains, stairs, mirrors, and so much more. Their accumulated wealth is demonstrably on display as prestige items in their palatial homes and villas, distributed throughout expansive rooms and in corridors and foyers leading to and from them -- and yet abruptly offset by empty spaces awaiting to be filled. These are unprecedented portraits of a long underground and secretive society suddenly and mysteriously willing to surface and make an extravagant ritual announcement to the outside world of their material achievement and affluence.

carlo gianferro

Carlo Gianferro
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