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Surviving in Detroit: Recovery on Chene Street

Eric Smith | United States


The City of Detroit’s slide into bankruptcy did not occur overnight. A decline of over fifty years. Detroit took decades to come to grips with all it's problems.

So, too, there are people who have hit bottom after their own long slide into abject poverty and homelessness. A life brought about by emotional problems, addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and or a life of crime and prostitution.

The photographs in this series are some of those people recovering from their own emotional bankruptcy. They have turned the corner and now carry with them a personal triumph over a lost life.

While at the bottom these people found help at Peacemakers International. A church on Chene Street in a desolate section of Detroit. Peacemakers is a "neutral christian territory" established, almost twenty years ago, by Pastor Steve Upshur a recovering addict himself. Offering support through food, shelter, total acceptance, unconditional love, and Jesus Christ, the church has helped many to recover their lives and dignity.

As these people have found hope and a new life, so can Detroit.

Eric Smith

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