Photographer: Giles Clarke

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July 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month

Exhibit Title: Gangs - El Salvador

Location: El Salvador

Caption: In San Salvador, the two main street gangs are known as 'Mara Salvatruchas' (MS-13) and 'Barrio18' (M18).

For close to twenty years, these gangs have raged against each other and grown rapidly throughout Latin America. They boast a worldwide membership of over 100,000 active gang members. In 2011, the murder rate peaked at 15 homicides per day in the San Salvador area. A 'truce' came in 2012 when a deal between the MS-13 and Barrio18 came to fruition after their leaders were moved from maximum security jails to more comfortable conditions to flesh out the finer details of a peace process.

This truce was facilitated by the government and leading church figures. So far, the pact is holding. Homicide figures have dropped down by 50% on pre-truce figures.

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