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Marcy Stuart | United States

Organization: Marcy Stuart Photography

A favorite antique lamp in her apartment in Middletown, Connecticut--the town where she has lived all her life.


As my aunt Caroline turns 92, she has a life of activity, independence, happy relationships and reminiscence. She agreed to my taking pictures of her over many weeks’ time because she is very relaxed and she trusts me.

Caroline is healthy in mind and spirit and has a gentle-hearted response to people and life in general. She has a positive outlook and her very own sense of humor is fully intact. She is grateful to be so sound physically and knows she is blessed this way. Maybe that little bit of vodka each night has helped too.

My goal is to depict and celebrate her day-to-day life—her expressions, surroundings, activities, close family and friends. She is extraordinary and we have been very close through all her working years and all of my growing up.




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